e-Share Payment 
 Date: 27 March 2014

To Our Valued Clients


Clients are encouraged to sign up for our e-Share Payment service which enables clients to receive monies faster into the preferred bank account maintained with any participating bank of Inter-Bank GIRO Malaysia.

This payment channel is introduced in line with the aims of BNM to migrate the paper-based payment instruments to electronic payment.

To sign-up the e-Share Payment service, please:
  1. Fill up the e-Share Payment form (SC/006); and
  2. Submit a copy of the bank's document showing the bank account belongs to you. Joint Account is permitted.

    Please provide a copy of the bank's document with certification by an officer from the commercial bank or your Dealer's Representative from the Company.

    Alternatively, if you have registered for Bursa e-Dividend, you can register the same bank account number for e-Share Payment in which no supporting document is required to be submitted.

Notwithstanding the e-Share Payment arrangement, you can still withhold the sale proceeds from direct credit and instruct your Dealer's Representative to use the proceeds:
  1. to pay for your outstanding purchase contract; or/and
  2. to pay for your contra losses/outstanding amount; or
  3. to credit into your RTA or STA account.

The cut-off time to withhold direct credit is 10.30am T+2 (Sale Day+2 market days).

Should you require further clarification, please contact your Dealer's Representative or the Branch Operations.

Thank you.

HwangDBS Investment Bank Berhad