17 July 2014

To Our Valued Clients


Currently, sale orders keyed-in by clients online through E’Invest will be prompted with a warning message if the sale quantity is more than the available stock balances in the trading system. The system allows E’Invest clients to decide whether to proceed to send or cancel the sale order.

With effect from 23 July 2014, any sale order with insufficient quantity keyed-in by clients through E’Invest will be rejected by the E’Invest system. 

The summary of the changes is as follows:-

If Sale Quantity > Quantity Available in System:

Before 23 July 2014On and After 23 July 2014
Prompt Message >
Clients to decide whether to proceed
Blocked by the system

Note that the following transactions will only be reflected in E’Invest system on the following schedule:

Share MovementReflected in the Trading System
Share transfer in on T dayShares will be added on T+1 business day
Share transfer out on T dayShares will be deducted on T+1 business day
Bonus Shares / Right Shares / Dividend-In-Specie etcAdditional shares will be added on the date where the shares are credited into CDS account  + 1 business day

(Note: Under the Bursa’s SPEEDS Corporate Exercise system, clients can sell the additional shares on the ex-date. In these circumstances, clients shall call DRs for DRs to key-in the orders through TCPro.)


Subdivision, consolidation of shares and other corporate action which result in deduction of the quantity of shares.The reduction of shares will only be reflected in client’s portfolio on the trading system  on the lodgement date + 1 business day

Note that the share balances in the client’s portfolio are computed on a best effort basis for the convenience of the client. The Bank shall not be liable to the client for any losses arising from the use of the share balance information.

Should you require further clarification, please contact your Dealer's Representative or the Branch Operations.

Thank you.

Operations Department
HwangDBS Investment Bank