Dear E'Invest Client,

Effective 6 August 2007, all the current Basic and Full Version E’Invest clients will be allowed to view their order details and trading reports on the new system ( at “Order Status” and “Report” menus.

“Monitoring Portfolio” is also available on the new website ( now. You may create your stock portfolio manually under "My Portfolio" menu.

For Basic Version Clients
We will be migrating all clients who have signed up for the Basic Version of E’Invest to the new system ( with effect from 3 September 2007. The current E’Invest system ( will stop providing price information with effect from 3 September 2007 to Basic Version clients. All Basic Version clients will not be able to access the current system ( effective from 1 October 2007.

If you log-on to the current website ( from 3 September 2007 onwards, you can access to the “Portfolio” menu only in order to facilitate you to migrate your portfolio details to the new system. As your portfolio files will not be transferred to the new system (, we advise you to create your portfolio on the new system before the current website ceases operation.

For Full Version Clients
Please take note that the online trading function of the new system will be launched to selected branches by stages. Before the online trading of the new system is launched at the Branch in which your trading account is maintained with, you will still be able to trade on this website ( The various launch dates will be announced later.

If you need any assistance, please contact our E-Services helpdesk at 1-800-88-5288 or 04-263 0050 during office hours (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-6.00pm) or email us at

Thank you.

E-Services Unit
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