Announcement (07 March 2007) 

    We will be launching an all-new HwangDBS-E'Invest in a new website. The scheduled launch date is 2 April 2007.
    The new website address is

    As the new system is independent from the existing HwangDBS-E'Invest system, you are required to go through a simple online registration
    process. If you are currently a registered user of HwangDBS-E'Invest, you may start registering for the new system from 12 March 2007.

    You are advised to complete the registration process before 30 March 2007 as the existing system will cease to provide any
    service on 2 April 2007. If you log-in to the existing website after the launch date, you will be forced to register first before
    being able to view stock information.

    After you have registered, you may log-in to the new website at to view stock information.

    Among the new features of the new HwangDBS-E'Invest are as follows:

    Log-in & Password Management
  •     Single User ID for multiple trading accounts linked to HwangDBS-E'Invest;
  •     Online request for new temporary passwords to be sent through Email or SMS; and
  •     Online registration for new clients and choosing own User ID, Log-on Password and Trading PIN.
    Stock Information
  •     Personal Stock Portfolio as per CDS Account;
  •     Realised Gain/Loss Information;
  •     Multiple Watchlists for Favourite Stocks;
  •     Stock Alert via Email;
  •     Dividends and Warrants Analysis;
  •     Display of Market Indices on Ticker Tape;
  •     Technical Chart with additional analysis such as DI, DMI, ADX; and
  •     Customize column settings for Stocks and Portfolios view.
    Stock Trading (for FULL version only)
  •     Placement of Odd Lot orders;
  •     Orders sent after trading session can be placed any time for execution by dealer's representatives on the next trading session
  •     Good-till-date Order Instruction (where you place order now and extend its validity until a specific date if the order is not matched);
  •     Insufficient stock warning when sending Sell order, if the Sell quantity exceeds stock balance;
  •     Credit limit checking;
  •     Orders filtered by status (eg. Pending, Matched, Cancelled, Expired);
  •     Trading Account Information and up-to-date Order Status for BASIC version clients; and
  •     Client Summary (of matched trades placed through HwangDBS-E'Invest) sent by email to client at day-end
  •     (for those who provide Email Address).


    From 12 March 2007 until 30 March 2007, you may register for the new system by logging-in to the current website
    with your existing User ID and password. The system will prompt you the registration page. Please follow the instruction on screen to complete
    the registration process. If you do not wish to register during this period, you may proceed to the current website.

    The following are some of the points to take note for registration:

    (i) On the new website, you may register with a User ID of your choice and choose your own Log-on Password and Trading PIN.

    (ii) If you are a BASIC version client, you will also have to key-in the Trading PIN and keep it, even though you do not need it now.
         The Trading PIN will come into use when you apply to upgrade to the FULL version (with trading function) in the future.

    (iii) You will also be required to provide a valid Email Address or Handphone Number. This information is important because
         future communications from us will be done through email or SMS (handphone) as per your preference. You will also have
         to key-in Hint Question and Answer which are required when requesting for new Log-on Password or Trading PIN in the future.
         It is important to keep the Hint Answer to yourself. If you forget your Log-on Password or Trading PIN,you can request
         for a new one online and a temporary Password/PIN will be sent to you through Email or SMS. If you choose SMS as your preferred
         mode of communication,the SMS charges (for all communications) will be charged to you directly by your telecommunication

    (iv) If you have multiple trading accounts, your new User ID will be linked to all your trading accounts registered for
         HwangDBS-E'Invest. Hence, you will only log-in with one(1) User ID to get access to all the registered HwangDBS-E'Invest
         trading accounts. When you send an order, you can choose from the list of registered trading accounts for the order
         to send to.(For example, you currently have three(3) trading accounts linked to HwangDBS-E'Invest and are holding three(3) sets
         of User IDs and login/trading passwords. Now, you will only hold one(1) User ID and one(1) set of Log-on Password and
         Trading PIN for all accounts.)

    Upon successful registration, you may log-in to the new website to view the enhancements and get
    familiarized with the features. Please keep your new Log-on Password and Trading PIN as they will be used on the new website after the
    launch date. For FULL version clients, you will not be able to send orders or messages to your dealer's representative on the new website
    during the registration period.

    The new system requires Java Runtime Environment version 5.0 to view stock information on your PC. You may download and install this
    software at


    From 2 April 2007 onwards, if you have not registered during the migration period, you will be forced to go through the registration process
    before you are allowed to view stock information and trade online using the system. The existing HwangDBS-E'Invest system will cease
    to provide any service


    We will be conducting a LIVE testing of the new HwangDBS-E'Invest on 24 March 2007 (Saturday), 9.00am - 12.30pm.
    If you have the trading function on the current website (FULL version), you are welcome to participate in our
    mock run by sending orders and messages to your Dealer'sRepresentatives during the mock run period. Please log-in
    with your new Log-on Password and send order with your Trading PIN. Please remember to arrange with your dealer's
    representative to route the orders to Bursa Malaysia


    Upon the launch of the new online trading system, scheduled on 2 April 2007, please log-in to the new HwangDBS-E'Invest website at with your new User ID and Log-on Password.

    If you need any assistance, please call our E-Services helpdesk at 1-800-88-5288 or 04-263 0050 during office hours (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-6pm)
    or email us at