Completion of the Acquisition of HwangDBS Investment Bank Berhad by Affin Holdings Berhad 
 Date: 7 April 2014

Dear Valued Clients,

Your continued support of our investment banking group as a valued client means a great deal to us.

We are therefore pleased to share with you that HwangDBS Investment Bank is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Affin Holdings Berhad, making both investment banks sister companies under the same parent.

This is a significant milestone for our investment banking group – the culmination of a journey over a year-long in the making.

The next important milestone for the transaction will be Customer Day. This is expected to happen within four to six months from today and will start with Affin Holdings applying for a Vesting Order from the High Court of Malaya to facilitate the merger of the businesses and operations of both Affin Investment Bank and HwangDBS Investment Bank.

As you would have no doubt read in the press, the merger between Affin and HwangDBS's investment banking businesses has the potential to transform the combined investment banking group into a leading independent bank-backed investment bank that will essentially position our group amongst the Top 3 stockbrokers and Top 5 investment managers in Malaysia. You would also have seen that we signed a collaboration agreement with Daiwa Securities Group of Japan in December 2013 to facilitate co-operation in our institutional space.

We strongly believe that this merger, together with other strategic initiatives, will provide us with a stronger platform to serve our valued clients, including yourselves, better. We hope that with the added capabilities both in terms of people and products, as well as the added scale of the business (in particular our larger distribution network) we will be able to take our clients to a new playing field, as we become partners in mutual growth.

We would like to assure you that until Customer Day, there will be no substantial change in the way we conduct our business and operations. Both Affin and HwangDBS will each continue to operate as separate legal entities under the current management and organisational structure. Our relationship managers will continue to serve and assist you with all your business needs.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service team on +604-263-6996 or email us at Alternatively, you may also contact your Dealer's Representative or Branch Manager directly.

Thank you.


Managing Director
Affin Investment Bank Berhad
Head of Operations
HwangDBS Investment Bank Berhad

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