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Online Trading
Are the stock quotes real-time?
 They are, but the receiving and updating of the stock quotes will depend on the speed and connectivity between you and your Telecommunication Provider or Internet Service Provider.
  (Please note that the system response time is dependent on a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, the quality of your communication line, the Internet traffic conditions, your Internet Service Provider, your PC processor and modem speed).
Is it secure?
 Online trading through our online trading platform is protected by the Secure Socket Layer (128-bit SSL) encryption technology, firewalls, unique User ID, Password and PIN.
 However, security is a two-way effort; while we can employ the latest technology to secure the system, it is imperative that you take all the necessary precautions to protect your User ID, Password and PIN. You are advised to change your Password and PIN frequently for security and confidentiality and to log out of the system after use.
What type of securities can I trade?
 Currently you can trade all stocks that are listed on Bursa Malaysia. For Call Warrants, you must ensure that you have understood and signed the Risk Disclosure Form before trading is allowed.
Will I incur additional transaction cost if I trade online?
 You will be charged the usual rate as per trade done directly with your Dealer's Representative.
Am I entitled to a lower brokerage rate if I trade online?
 You may apply for E-Trade brokerage rate but this will be subject to your Dealer's Representative's recommendation and the Company's approval.
When can I place my online orders?
 You can place your online orders anytime, but the system will only submit your orders to Bursa Malaysia from 8.30am to 12.30pm (local time) during morning session and from 2.00pm to 5.00pm during the afternoon session on a market day.
Can I check my order status?
 Yes, you can check your order status anytime to confirm that they have been successfully received, executed, cancelled, revised or matched for the day.
What happens to my unmatched orders?
 Our online trading platform provides you with the option to choose the type of order you wish to place, i.e Day Order, Session Order or Good Till Date ("GTD") Order. By default all orders submitted are treated as "Day Order" which is valid for both trading sessions and expires by the end of the trading day if not matched. Session Order will limit your order to that particular session only whereas GTD Order is a standing instruction order. The unmatched GTD Order will be automatically carried forward to the next trading session until it is matched and will only expire on the date specified by you.
Can I cancel or revise my order?
 Yes, you can cancel or revise your orders as long as the orders have not been fully matched by Bursa Malaysia. However for order revision, you are only allowed to reduce the quantity. To revise the price or increase the quantity, you will need to cancel the whole order and submit a fresh one.
Can I check my outstanding position?
 Yes, you can click on Report and view your outstanding position.
Can I still call my Dealer's Representative to trade?
 You still have the convenience and flexibility to call your Dealer's Representative to place orders. All telephone orders will still be reflected and shown in the Order Status for you to monitor. Please note that telephone orders are not entitled to E-Trade brokerage rate (if any).