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Opening Share Trading Account
How do I apply to open a share trading account?
 You may fill up a request form online under menu SIGN UP -> Request to Open New Trading Account and our Customer Service Officer will assist you in getting a Dealer's Representative. The Dealer's Representative will contact you for further action.; OR
 Visit any of our branches to appoint a Dealer's Representative to handle your share trading account.
What is the minimum age to open a share trading account?
 The minimum age is 18 years old.
What are the documents required to be submitted when applying a share trading account?
 (i) Application Form for Individual/Corporate Applicant (duly completed and signed)
(ii) CDS Application for Opening of Account Form (duly completed and signed)
(iii) 2 Specimen Signature Cards
(iv) 3 certified true copies of your National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) or Passport (for non-Malaysian)
(v) Latest EA Form, Pay Slip or Bank Statement
Do I need to open a CDS account to trade?
 Yes, you will have to open a CDS account to link to your share trading account(s). As an individual, you are allowed to maintain only one(1) CDS account with us even if you wish to open more than one(1) share trading account with us. All of your share trading account(s) will be linked to a same CDS account.
Are there any charges to open a share trading account or CDS account?
 No, there are no charges to open a share trading account or CDS account. The fee of RM10.00 levied by Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn Bhd for the opening of a CDS account is waived by the Company.
Do I need to be present in person for the application?
 You can make an appointment with your Dealer's Representative to assist you in completing your application and to witness your signatures. Alternatively, you may get your documentation attested by a Notary Public if you reside overseas.
Can I get access to your online trading platform after submitting my share trading account application and the required documents?
 You may register online after your share trading account has been opened. After that, upon approval of your eInvest application, a notification message will be sent to you by email or SMS.
Why do I need to furnish a valid Email address or handphone number?
 A valid Email address or handphone number is necessary because any future correspondence will be communicated via this specified Email address or SMS, i.e. Stock Alert, Forgot Password and other relevant notices and announcements.
What do I need to do if I wish to update my personal particulars?
 You may complete and submit Client Updating Form and CDS Account Updating Form or write to us (with your signature) for the changes required.