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Trouble Shooting
I cannot connect to the online trading platform website.
 Log on to other websites to make sure that the connection to your Internet Service Provider is working well. Try to re-establish your connection to eInvest again. If the problem still persists, you can either call the respective Internet Service Provider to enquire or contact our E-Services helpdesk at 1-800-88-5288 or (60)4-263 0050 for assistance.
I got connected to the your online trading platform website but I cannot log in.
 Check to ensure that the User ID and the Password you used are correct. As part of our security features, your User ID and Password will be blocked after several unsuccessful login attempts. For immediate release of your User ID and Password, please contact our E-Services helpdesk.
I've already logged in but I cannot view the price quotes.
 You will need to download the latest Java software from Sun Microsystems in order to view price quotes:
I can only access to your online trading platform from home but not from office.
 The problem could be due to internal setup of your company office network. A company network is usually installed with firewall or proxy server to keep the company network secured and to prevent access to unauthorized websites. To enable access to the online trading platform, please ask your company's network administrator to include in the list of authorized websites.
System does not show real-time quotes.
 The delay in stock prices could be due to the following factors:
  • Your PC and modem specification play an important role when accessing the online trading platform. To ensure efficient and smooth running of the system, the minimum requirements for the PC and modem must be adhered to. Please refer to Registration FAQ for details.
  • Bad connection and slow data transmission speed. This problem is normally attributed to the quality of your communication line, the Internet traffic condition, or the quality of service provided by your Internet Service Provider.